Advice on Agricultural Tenancies

Our team of focused rural solicitors have extensive experience acting for both tenant and landlord farmers for a number of years throughout Scotland. The complexity of the area of law can contribute to tense relationships and we would recommend that early advice is sought to ensure your position is protected. We can assist with:

  • Negotiations over 1991 Act secure tenancies and Limited Partnership tenancies – Landlord and Tenant.
  • Advising tenants or landlords, preparing notices for submission of ‘Right to Buy’ Notices in the Register of Community Interests in Land.
  • Negotiation and completion of documentation in relation to the dissolution of Limited Partnerships or renunciations in respect of a 1991 Act tenancy.
  • Preparation of Secure 1991 Act tenancies, Limited Duration Tenancies (15+years) and Short Limited Duration Tenancies (up to 5 years)
  • Preparation of seasonal Grazing Lets (364 days or less per year)
  • Advising landlords or tenants in relation to tenancy succession under 1991 Act secure tenancies and Limited Duration Tenancies.
  • Negotiation for both landlord and tenant obligations in relation to maintenance and repair of fixed equipment.
  • Providing legal advice in relation to rent review procedures, resumptions and diversification out of agriculture.

We can also offer advice on Contract Farming Agreements and have experience dealing with a number of Land Agents allowing us to put you in touch with the valuation professionals when it comes to committing to rents or Contract Farming fee levels.

If you wish to discuss any tenancy issues including an annual check up, please call Craig Harvie on 01738 310047.

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